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  • We had ENGAGED already on August 31,2001 at the Anoma hotel, Bangkok!!! Thank You to all guests for celebrating with us!
  • 1 and Chuta will stay in Bangkok until Aug. 18th and then fly back to continue our studies in Kyoto, Japan. Both are looking forward to our winter vacation when we will come back to Bangkok again for our wedding on January 11th, 2002.
  • Sep 10 : We just picked up wedding cards and wedding souvenirs today.
  • Sep 22 : Upload invitation card !!
  • Sep 29 :I have changed photos on the front page. And also due geocities's limited bandwidth makes this site unaviable too often, I decided to resize some photos to smaller files for less data tranfer. :)
  • Oct 3 : Update Photo Gallery : Photos at THAI NIGHT in Osaka
  • Oct 11 : Put subscriptions to "Engagement Photo" and "Chuta Photo"
  • November 19 : Update Photo Gallery : Photos from YanaKawa
  • December 26: Fix errors. Upload 3 photos in Chuta photos
  • January 22 : JUST MARRIED. Upload Photos from our wedding Day.
  • March 19 :Add "8 Photos from a Honeymoon" and correct errors. This may be the last update. Thank you for visiting our wedding web.
Last updated : 19 March 2002

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