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Do you believe in destiny? In the past, I didn't….but now that I have found my man, I do. It has been just over a year that I decided to accept 1's proposal and that is only few months since we have known each other. We first met in Kyoto in April 2000 when 1 as a new Monbusho student came to Kyoto university, where I am also studying. However, our relationship should have been traced back further to 20 years ago-only that God had no intention to make us met then.

My mom is a dressmaker and 1's mom is our long time good customer. One of topics that they share is always about their children, 1 and me. Many times they talk about which schools should their kids go and how their children are. 1 and I are of the same level. Though we went to different primary schools (St. Gabriel for 1 and Mater Dei for me), we did go to the same high school(Trium Udom Suksa) and same university (Chulalongkorn University). Again, we have never known each other or even met. Even funnier, despite our moms' friendship and no matter so often that his mom visits our shop during these 20 years, never a time that he stops by and gets to know this dress maker's daughter.

Our lives develop in parallel after graduation. I went to Warwick University, England to continue my Master's while 1 did his MS in Civil Engineering at University of Illinois, Urbana Champagne. Then, I returned to Thailand in 1997 to work at Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) and won a Monbusho scholarship in 1998. I came to Kyoto University as a research student in April 1999. After his graduation from UIUC in 1998, he went back to Thailand. Probably by God's wish that it was the right time for us to meet, 1 took the test of Monbusho and won.

How we fall in love? Probably this should be the part for 1 to write (you may e-mail him later.) But if ask me, he is simply the one that I want to spend the rest of my life with. 1 is not exactly the man I have been looking for. As every other girl, I want a romantic man, kind, smart, good looking, calm, mature, being a leader, humorous and all other qualifications of Mr. Perfect. Starting out as a friend whom I share bits of my day, he shows his good understanding to my complex thinking, tender care and forever love for me. The more I know him, the more I am sure I can depend on him and let him be my leader. If you ask why woman decides to get married, it is simply that she met the guy who is the one for her. It would be just right, a right man at the right time.

For me, over times that we have known each other and how we are more than happy to accept each other's different and adjust ourselves to each other, I am sure we are ready to start the family of our own and spend the rest of our lives together for ever. I am now looking forward to seeing our lives unfold and see we walk hand in hand to our future together…

CHUTA - September 2001
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